Want to know more about the fun, obscure, and crazy laws in the United States? Apply your knowledge with a degree in Criminal Justice from Olivet Nazarene University. www.losangelesduilawyer.org/los-angeles-dui-info/7-laws-you-didn`t-know-you-were-breaking/ websites like dumblaws.com – which rarely refer to current state laws or misinterpret them – only perpetuate myths. Yes, it is illegal for a drunk person to enter a bar in Alaska. No, a woman`s hair does not legally belong to her husband in Michigan. The list goes on. We`ve all heard urban legends and rumors about absurd laws in America, but you can`t believe everything you read on the Internet. This Gainesville, Georgia ordinance, passed in 1961 to promote the city, specifically prohibits eating fried chicken with anything other than your hands. Although the „law” is not really taken literally and is rarely enforced, a visitor was arrested for using a knife and fork to eat her fried chicken in 2009. Nebraska laws prohibit anyone with an STD from marrying.

This law is designed to protect people from the unknowing marriage of someone with a sexually transmitted disease – but it is difficult to enforce. If you get a marriage license in Nebraska, you don`t need to present your medical records or history, just photo ID and proof of age – no blood test is required. This law oscillates between strange and simply ridiculous. In Missouri, it is actually illegal for more than four women to rent a home together, under an ordinance called the Brothel Act, which was enacted to curb prostitution. All the while, I assumed that Britain had some rather strange laws offering the queen stranded whales, a law banning the wearing of armor in parliament, and a ban on handling a salmon under suspicious circumstances. Some of these American laws are certainly stranger, more confusing, and others a little scarier. And from the perspective of an adult who loves Halloween and surprise pizzas, some of them were also just sad. There are many laws that make perfect sense – we wouldn`t want it to be legal to shoot a hit-and-run or break into a house to steal a TV. In addition to all these practical rules, there are laws that are so strange that they are almost unbelievable. Other crazy laws across the country include articles about whiskers and food in particular.

In Alabama, it is illegal to wear a fake mustache that causes laughter in the church, while whiskers are illegal in Indiana if the wearer tends to kiss other people. In Wisconsin, it is illegal to serve butter substitutes in prison; in Utah, it is illegal NOT to drink milk; and in South Dakota, you don`t sleep in a cheese factory. A generous act in Louisiana could backfire – you could be fined $500 if you send a pizza order to someone`s home without their knowledge. Many states have laws restricting various activities on Sundays, but in Iowa, it is illegal to sell cars or recreational vehicles on Sundays. In 2016, the state Supreme Court removed the archaic book law and effectively dismantled that ridiculous law, according to Sante Fe New Mexican. www.phoenixarizonacriminallawyer.com/criminal-attorney/arizona-criminal-law/the-stories-behind-arizonas-weirdest-laws/#:~:text=Law%20%234%3A%20donkeys,reasons%2C%20we%E2%80%99re%20sure. It`s one of those laws that really scratches your head and thinks, „There must be a story here.” There is probably, unfortunately, that it was lost through the vineyard and all we have left now is this strange rule of the dairy. However, no written law about getting up doesze off. Many of these outdated laws may no longer be enforced today, but it`s certainly still the perfect time to reflect on how they were once needed (and in some cases still exist!).

From random facts about food to truly ridiculous rules about animals in any state, get ready to laugh, chuckle, and control your eye aside by clicking on the most absurd laws and prohibitions of the great United States. www.baltimoresun.com/maryland/bs-md-antiquated-laws-20180917-story.html#:~:text=%C2%BB%20Fortunetelling%20is%20illegal%20in%20Baltimore,for%20up%20to%20a%20year. A hungry fool may be responsible for this law, but hey, most sandwich shops in the sleepy state of Arkansas are closed at 9 p.m. anyway. If you feel the urge to honk after hours, you will disturb the peace and you will still be hungry. www.onlyinyourstate.com/south-dakota/crazy-laws-sd/ Florida got into trouble in 2013 when it accidentally banned all computers in the state. A confusingly worded law banning Internet cafes involved in illegal gambling has led to a lawsuit, arguing that the ban could be interpreted as applying to any device connected to the internet. The United States has a long and interesting history, and most of today`s laws are appropriate for keeping the peace.

However, there are laws in all 50 states that are a bit „crazy” in today`s terms for a number of reasons. Some laws that might have been appropriate 100 years ago may have slipped through the cracks, so they`re still in the books and now seem pretty funny to us. To get a better idea of the strangeness of U.S. regulations, we`ve rounded up 15 of the weirdest laws in the entire country. We scoured the internet and official government websites to find some of the weirdest laws in place today. America, the land of the free. With all this freedom, people developed a constitution that inspired revolutions throughout Europe. However, one thing that has not escaped this nation is a series of its own strange and confusing laws. www.silive.com/news/2017/05/strangest_laws_in_new_york_sta.html#:~:text=It`s%20OK%20to%20wear%20your,in%20public%20past%2010%20p.m.&text=In%20New%20York%20State%2C%20you,a%20clothes%20line%20to%20dry. Although this law seems very niche and ridiculous, there is actually a legitimate story behind it. The law was implemented as early as 1924 thanks to two local threats – a trader and his donkey. There`s no doubt about it: there are crazy and bizarre state laws that exist in the United States.

Sure, they may have made sense when they were written, but today, these really strange state facts about U.S. laws are enough to wonder why they were created in the first place – not to mention making big random trifles to amaze your friends! Who knew, for example, that it`s illegal for a donkey to sleep in a bathtub in Arizona, or that you technically can`t send a surprise pizza to your friends in Louisiana? The next time you spend a night in Michigan, you should think carefully about how to get home. Under state law, it is illegal for a person in an „offensive state of poisoning” to „board a train or intercity car as a passenger, or stay on an intercity train or car.” code.dccouncil.us/us/dc/council/code/sections/22-1309.html sending a delicious pepperoni pizza cake to a friend out of the blue sounds like a thoughtful gesture. However, be careful never to do it in Louisiana. The bayou state has made it illegal to send something to a person`s home without their knowledge – even if it`s a free dinner. RELATED: 9 Best Pet Hair Removal Products on Amazon That Actually Work A national version of the Dry Peas and Lentils Council also exists. But North Dakota obviously decided it needed a more state-focused group to celebrate chickpeas, lentils, and lupins. Check out our events for budding lawyers. Sponsored by BPP Law School and leading UK law firms, they offer a fantastic insight into the legal profession. The law states that a beer and wine store must only sell adult beverages and that any water or soda sold must be at room temperature, according to Find Law. In New York, it is illegal to throw a bullet at someone`s head for a laugh. In Alaska, it is illegal to wake up a sleeping bear to take a picture.

Hateful gossip or talking behind someone`s back is illegal in Indiana. By law, dogs and cats must also be supplied with clean water three times a day. Whatever the reason you plan to use a stink bomb, don`t detonate it in Alabama, otherwise you risk legal action. Throwing a bullet at someone`s head isn`t usually the best thing you can do, but if you dare to do it in New York City, you could spend time in jail.