6. Legible and enlarged photocopy of the current identity document of the legal representative, signed by him and with his fingerprints. Staff. The procedure is personal if it can be carried out by the applicant or the legal representative. Data that must be communicated: The data that must be communicated, confirmed and / or updated concern both the employer and the employees. These correspond mainly to the name or surname of the company, the address, the activity, the telephone, the branches, the data of the legal representative and the personal data of the employees in connection with the employment relationship (post office, working day, etc.). 2. In the case of private companies, certificate of existence and legal representation, with a date of issue not exceeding sixty (60) days. 3. In the case of public bodies, the administrative acts of establishment or formalization of the institution and the appointment of the legal representative and the corresponding deed of ownership.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 7:15 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. Regional and zonal administrative authorities of the interior of the PDO (see +). If you already have this benefit, check your payment date. Due to the contamination caused by the coronavirus, this procedure can be performed remotely for new lawyers, but with less validity. Failure to comply with this obligation constitutes a serious violation equivalent to a fine of 101 days/fine, currently G. 1,703,668, in accordance with Resolution C.A. No. 019-017/19 (Violations Ordinance). How this power of attorney is granted to an agent: 8. Ratio of the authorization code(s) of the supplier who registers for the filing of claims.

5. Uniform tax register – RUT issued by DIAN On the other hand, in the case of employee data, it is provided that the update of their data must also take place at the time of notification of their entries or exits. 7. Signed photocopies of the identity document and the current professional card of the auditor of the company, if you are obliged to have it, otherwise, that of the auditor. In addition, employers` membership of the REI system becomes mandatory in accordance with the following quarterly deadlines: 1. Form for the preparation and updating of data of institutions providing health services in front of the FOSYGA ECAT sub-account or whoever takes its place, which corresponds to the annex set out in Resolution 1645 of 3. May 2016 2016 (REGISTRATION AND IPS UPDATE) (download form), which must be correctly completed. Note: Failure to comply with this obligation will result in fines for the employer, which must be applied for each day of delay. 9. In the event of authorisation, original power of attorney to FOSYGA or to the person taking his place, duly issued to a lawyer, with personal presentation and fingerprint of the client and the authorised representative before a judge or notary, indicating the powers granted, as well as a legible and extended photocopy of the professional card and identity document of the representative The fine for breach of this obligation was imposed by 31 December suspended, 2020 by Decision C.A. No.

076-011/2020 on the improvement of the modules of the REI system for data transmission. Therefore, from this year (2021), the obligation to transmit or update the data each year will apply again. Last respect for the meeting when appointing the authorities In addition, in the case of companies, the resolution stipulates that they must be collected in PDF format. 1. The statutes with their amendments, 2. the statutes and 3. the last assembly. It allows a third party to obtain the authorization of a holder of a guaranteed universal pension (PGU) or a basic solidary disability pension (PBSI) to act on his or her behalf vis-à-vis the Social Security Institute (IPS). This allows you to do the collection or any procedure related to your pension. The decision stipulates that the communication, confirmation and / or update of the data must be carried out below according to the following schedule: To the respective lawyers and to the lawyers of the retirees of a PBSI or PGU. In accordance with Article 4, Chapter II, of Resolution 1645 of 2016 (REGISTRATION AND UPDATING OF IPS), which amended the procedure for creating and updating the IPS prior to fosyga`s ECAT sub-account and established the requirements and documents for the submission of claims to that body, it is necessary for the duly approved IPS to submit the following documents: Regarding sanctions, Resolution C.A. No.

019-017/19 is in force, according to which this violation constitutes a serious violation equivalent to a fine of 101 days / fine, currently by Gs. 1.641.290. Company: It is stipulated that it must be created in PDF format. 1. The statutes with their amendments, 2. the statutes and 3. the last assembly. Worker: It is envisaged that the update of your data will also take place at the time of the communication of your entries, remains or exits. 4. Bank certificate of the current or savings account in the original (autograph signature) issued by the financial institution with a maximum issue date of three (3) months and whose holder is the beneficiary IPS, in which the type of account, number, status, date of opening, branch and name and identity of the holder are indicated. Ref.:portal.ips.gov.py/sistemas/ipsportal/archivos/archivos/1559565216.pdf portal.ips.gov.py/sistemas/ipsportal/archivos/archivos/1601644877.pdf portal.ips.gov.py/sistemas/ipsportal/archivos/archivos/1557430673.pdf Civil identity card of the owner or legal representative Update of the data of the employer of the General Scheme, registered in IPS.

The compliance period with this resolution is from April 1 to June 30, 2014.