A notice of suspension „per se” from the Department of Motor Vehicles is sent to the detainee shortly after the date of his arrest. The notice informs the inmate of the duration of the suspension „per se”, unless the arrested driver requests an „administrative hearing per se” from DMV and wins at that hearing. A copy of the police report is made available to the detainee by the VDD if requested by the VDD for the administrative hearing. When an officer makes an arrest for drunk driving, they submit a Form A-44 to the VDD, which begins the administrative hearing process itself. At the APS hearing, the VDD Administrative Officer will determine if there is „substantial evidence” of four things: It is important to understand that the dmV licence suspension hearing is not a criminal matter. You have nothing to lose if you object to the suspension of your license. However, it can be difficult to prevail at these hearings unless your lawyer can identify an error, error or omission of the police that provides a sufficient basis for the appeal. The DMV suspension appeal is an administrative hearing. There are important differences from a criminal case. First, the hearing is held by a hearing officer who is neither a judge nor a jury. Unlike criminal proceedings, the standard of proof is not the evidence that exceeds a reasonable doubt, but the much lower standard of preponderance of proof. In addition, the rules of evidence are much more flexible than in criminal proceedings. It`s a court stacked against you that requires you to have a strong defense to win.

The standard for determining whether the evidence is admissible at the „administrative hearing itself” depends on whether the driver was injured. Losing your right to drive a motor vehicle can put you, your loved one, a friend or family member at a financial disadvantage due to the need to get to work or school. A driver can apply for a special permit for work or school through the VDD if he does not win the administrative hearing „per se” or waives his right to that hearing. The VDD will also require certain individuals to operate with a lockable ignition device for a set period of time before their right to drive in Connecticut is restored after the suspension period. You have the right to challenge the suspension of your licence at an administrative hearing called DMV per se. There may be valid grounds to appeal the suspension and it can be successfully challenged. Most of those arrested for DUI also face a DMV license suspension. If you have been arrested for a DUI, you should contact a Stamford CT DUI lawyer as soon as possible to take steps to protect your driver`s licence. The process of the DUI procedure at the DMV is automatic, but the suspension itself does not have to be. If you or your DUI lawyer request an administrative hearing with the DMV, you may be able to avoid the suspension of your licence, avoid having to install a contact locking device (IID), or shorten deadlines.

If you have been arrested for a DUI, you should hire a Stamford DUI lawyer as soon as possible. Our office has extensive experience defending DUI cases throughout the state of Connecticut. Stamford CT DUI attorney Allan F. Friedman knows that your driver`s license is really important to your ability to get around Connecticut.