It is important to choose the right tattoo artist/piercer, in particular to discuss with him the location of the tattoo or piercing, some areas of the body age less well than others, check his book and in particular check if he is approved by the FPS Public Health, which checks the areas of reception, work and cleaning, the sterilization of the equipment and the quality of products such as inks. In addition, the tattoo artist must have a consent document signed in duplicate. The copy given to the client must mention the risks associated with tattooing or piercing, cases requiring a visit to the doctor, contraindications and possible complications. He must also provide a period of reflection before proceeding with the action, and also provide a document indicating the precautions to be taken after the tattoo, as well as the precautions to be taken. Since 1. In January 2006, anyone wishing to work as a tattoo artist or piercer must be admitted. There is also a royal decree that regulates tattoos and piercings. Always opt for a tattoo or piercing parlour approved and controlled by the SPF Public Health. Piercings leave only a small scar when removed (with the exception of dilator piercings, which require surgery). On the other hand, tattoos are definitive. Only laser treatment can erase them, but it is expensive (up to 10 times the price of the tattoo) and very long, since it takes many sessions at intervals of several weeks to allow healing between individual procedures. Also note: the colors used for tattooing affect the number of laser sessions, black and red are the easiest to remove; Yellow and purple, the most difficult.

You want to do a piercing, but you are wondering what is the minimum age for the piercer to agree to do it? Several pieces of information must be known! The tattoo/piercing room must be reserved exclusively for this activity. It must be non-smoking, no pets and separated from the waiting room. The professional must wash his hands in front of each client and put on new disposable gloves, use disposable devices. The sterile piercing needle should be removed from the package in front of you. Your skin must be disinfected before the act. To avoid mishaps as much as possible, find out about the salon where you want to do your tattoo or piercing. Indeed, the tattoo or piercing salon must: it must not satisfy the Association of Tattooers and Piercers Professional Walloons (ATPPW). The latter had launched a national demonstration on Friday to protest against the new law, which does not prescribe a minimum age for these practices. About fifty demonstrators tattooed and / or pierced from all over the country gathered in peace at the foot of the Berlaymont in Brussels before going to the Ministry of Health. Hold a black banner that reads „The age limit.

or shipwreck! „, they were equipped with tattooed and pierced dolls, surrounded by posters with slogans such as „Baby pierced. Childhood in danger”, „tattoo artist, piercer; no baby killers! „, or „No small holes on small pieces”. For industry professionals, tattoos for children under the age of 18 and piercings (with the exception of ear piercings) for children under the age of 16 should be prohibited, unless the parents agree. „While laws are popping up about sandwiches in butchers and elephants in circuses, ministers are taking the problems inherent in adolescence by the leg,” said Jacques Martin, aka Jack Tattoo, president of the ATTPW. He added: „We risk a murderous summer.” In addition, the association wants tattoo artists and piercers to be placed on the same level as beauticians and jewelers who escape this regulation, while sometimes making permanent makeup or piercing the ears. What should I do after tattooing or piercing? Fashion effect, choice of belonging to a group, an ideal, a religion. For a young person, the use of tattoos or piercings is a confirmation of their identity and difference. For some, a tattoo is a real artistic project with a carefully thought out sense, for others it is a whim, a fashion effect. It can also be a kind of transition ritual from childhood to adulthood or even a desire to detach oneself from one`s parents. Regardless of your age, you should not lose sight of the fact that a piercing is not a trivial act. Your piercing will accompany you throughout your life: after a year of wearing, many piercings (navel, tongue, all kinds of cartilaginous piercings …) do not recharge. Therefore, in 98% of cases, it is impossible to close a piercing contrary to what can be heard! So take the time to measure the impact that your piercing will have on the part of your body that you want to transform.

If your parents are refractory to piercing, do not hesitate to talk to them about the reasons that make you want to do it. To reassure them, you can first opt for fake piercings, which have already been adopted by many stars. You can also turn to metal spikes, sticky rhinestones and ear wrists. This way, you can figure out for yourself what a real piercing will have on the part of your body you want to pierce, and your parents will be able to observe the result. There is no age limit for tattoos and piercings.