The Act also refers to armour-piercing ammunition in small arms and light weapons. The most common type of armor-piercing ammunition is the 5.56 LAP, which is used in an AR-15 or a 7.62×39 steel core used in an AK-47. The problem is that you can also buy an AR-15 and an AK-47 either as a pistol or as a rifle. This means that it would be legal to fire armor-piercing ammunition from a rifle and a crime to shoot with a pistol. Be very careful with this one, as it is easy to make a mistake while you are away that could put you in a lot of legal trouble. (c) Any person who possesses a piercing bullet or explosive bullet or a dragon shotgun, bolo grenade or dart grenade to assist in the commission of an indictable offence is guilty of a second-degree crime punishable under §§ 775.082, § 775.083 or § 775.084. Florida prohibits the manufacture, sale, or supply of armor-piercing bullets or explosive bullets or dragon breathing rifle grenades, bolo grenades, or dart grenades.2 The state also prohibits the possession of a piercing bullet or explosive bullet knowing its ability to pierce or explode its armor loaded into a handgun and the possession of a shotgun grenade breathing the dragon. Bolo grenade or dart grenade knowing its capabilities loaded into a firearm.3 Each of these terms is defined.4 The definition of „armour-piercing bullet” differs from the definition of „armour-piercing ammunition” in federal law, which also restricts the manufacture, sale, import and supply of such ammunition. The green tip is 100% legal and one of the most common types of 5.56mm ammunition. Some areas with steel targets or bullet traps will not allow you to shoot as it can be harmful. I think I read somewhere that armor-piercing ammunition is illegal in Florida. Tank Penetrating Bullet F.S.

790.31 (a) – means any bullet that has an inner core or steel core of equal hardness and a truncated cone and is intended for use in a handgun as a projectile piercing or penetrating into metal. (2) (a) Every person who manufactures, sells, offers for sale or delivers a piercing bullet or an explosive bullet or a dragon shotgun, a bolo grenade or a dart grenade is guilty of a third-degree crime. (b) Any person who possesses a piercing bullet or a bullet that explodes with knowledge of his ability to pierce or explode, loaded into a handgun, or who possesses a shotgun grenade breathing a dragon, bolo grenade or dart grenade with knowledge of his abilities loaded into a firearm, is guilty of a third-degree crime. In addition to selling through black market channels, explosive ordnance can be distributed to enemy forces by „losing” it during transport or on the battlefield where it can be left after a retreat. When the opportunity arises, explosive ordnance can be exchanged with enemy ammunition supplies or even cartridges in dead enemies` weapons. [1]. Disclaimer: These codes may not be the latest version. Florida may have more up-to-date or accurate information. We make no warranties or representations as to the accuracy, completeness or suitability of the information contained on this website or the information linked to the government website.

Please check the official sources. (a) Possession by a law enforcement officer of any of the items described in subsection (1) if possessed in the course of carrying out his or her duties as a law enforcement officer or law enforcement agency. Explosive ordnance or spiked ammunition is ammunition and other munitions that are sabotaged (explosively replaced) and left to enemy forces, usually insurgents, for search and use. It is designed to explode and destroy the weapon in which it is used and potentially injure or kill the person trying to shoot the weapon. In addition to explosive cartridges used in small arms, exploding ammunition may include rocket-propelled grenades or mortar shells. [1] At the same time, I saw offers for example Winchester 5.56 62gr M855 with steel core. They call him „Penetrator”. And it seems that people are buying and selling this ammunition in Florida. History (pp. 1, chaps. 83-253); pp. 1, chaps.

92-141; pp. 1221, chap. 97-102. The state of Florida does not regulate hollow-point ammunition, but that doesn`t stop it from banning other types of ammunition. This is what the law says. Florida law prohibits the possession of ammunition by the same people who are directly prohibited from owning firearms under Florida law, although people who are prevented from receiving firearms by the background check process required by Florida law are not similarly prevented from receiving ammunition.1 Federal prohibitions on buyers of ammunition also apply. Explosive bullet F.S. 790.31 (b) – any projectile that may be fired from a firearm if the projectile is designed or modified in such a way that it explodes or violently pierces the use of an explosive or explosive contained in whole or in part in such a projectile or attached to such a projectile.