The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Law prepares its graduates to succeed in both law schools and careers in legal aid, paralegal and other law-related professions with a rigorous curriculum that provides them with the necessary critical thinking, writing and research skills, as well as a thorough understanding of the entire legal system. including the court system, clients and lawyers. The core curriculum provides a solid foundation in the areas of contract law, tort, professional ethics, criminal procedure law, legal research and writing. Students also have the opportunity to focus on specific areas of interest by taking elective courses in litigation, wills, trusts and estates, real estate, family law, criminal law, and international law. Even if law graduates choose not to enter the legal profession as lawyers, paralegals or paralegals, the knowledge and skills they acquire will be useful to them, regardless of the career path they choose. All students must complete at least 30 credits of general education (i.e., credits that are not legal courses). Of these 30 credits, the following minimum discipline requirements apply: Students with an Associate Diploma in Legal Aid (or equivalent) may be admitted to high school courses. The 48 credit hours of high school courses include mandatory core courses (21 credits), restricted electives (12 credits), general secondary elective courses (12 credits) and mandatory university courses (3 credits). At least 12 courses (36 credits) of additional elective courses in law, of which at least 3 courses (9 credits) must come from the following selection of „400” law courses: Please visit the College of Education and Community Innovation Advice Center at website for a four-year program with specialization in law.

Attending classes in the order recommended in the law school program will help you avoid delays in completing legal studies. Because South College maintains small class sizes, you will receive personalized attention and professional guidance so you can get the most out of your education. We also facilitate internships in law firms, court systems, agencies and other institutions with paralegal needs, allowing you to complete 120 hours of practical training. Are you planning to pursue legal jobs or get your law degree? Davenport University`s Bachelor of Laws degree can put you on the path to law school, help you develop the skills you need for a paralegal program, or prepare you to work in a law firm, government agency, or other law-related environment. The South College Certificate in Paralegal Studies, the Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies and the Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies offered on the Knoxville campus are approved by the Standing Committee on Paralegals of the American Bar Association (ABA) (321 N. Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60654-4778, Davenport`s Bachelor of Legal Studies program prepares you to continue your legal studies or work directly in the field. In addition to preparing students for law school, the Legal Studies program prepares students for certification exams in professional legal aid and paralegal studies, including the Certified Legal Assistant (CLA) exam sponsored by the National Association of Legal Assistants and the Advanced Paralegal Competency Exam (PACE), which is administered by the National Federation of Paralegal Associations, Inc.

(NFPA). The program focuses on the essential skills identified by these organizations and includes the recommended pedagogical preparation for success in this area. Students pursuing a Bachelor of Laws degree must meet the university`s general educational requirements. Students must also meet the degree requirements, i.e. third-semester knowledge of a foreign language to obtain a BA in Law, or CIS 150, CJ 300 and STA 215 to obtain a BS. Bachelor of Laws degrees are approved by the American Bar Association. In addition to programs that lead to a Certificate of Paralegal Studies, an Associate`s Degree in Paralegal Studies, and a Bachelor of Business Administration, National Paralegal College offers a program leading to a Bachelor of Science in Law. This programme provides the student with a rigorous academic foundation in a wide range of subjects in law, a foundation in economics, economics, English and social sciences, as well as exposure to advanced legal issues and career-oriented skills. Upon completion of the program, students are qualified to be employed as paralegals in law firms, corporate legal departments, government agencies and non-profit organizations, or to pursue graduate studies.

Become an important part of a legal team with a law degree that also prepares you to work as a paralegal. Through the Davenport Estate Planning Service program, law students have provided free legal estate planning services worth approximately $100,000 over the past five years. In Davenport`s Bachelor of Legal Studies program, you`ll learn from lawyers who are at different stages of their careers, from professors with decades of experience to practicing lawyers who bring the latest legal trends into the classroom. Your connections to the legal community are deep and can mean potential internship or career opportunities for you. While most courses taken at other colleges and universities can be accepted for full credit, only a limited number are credited for the major. Students must take at least two-thirds of the credits that make up the Grand Valley major. In addition, at least 10 credits of special legal courses must be supplemented by traditional face-to-face instruction. Approved by the American Bar Association and accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE), Davenport`s law degree combines theory and practical application so you`re ready to go wherever your future takes you. In fact, Davenport`s hands-on approach to learning is integrated into all levels of the Bachelor of Legal Studies program, allowing you to master the effective communication, critical thinking, and other skills you need for a variety of law jobs. The Legal Studies programme will offer courses selected through the DU Global Campus in 2021-2022 with increased supply in the years 2022-2023. Rigorously approved by the American Bar Association, this program is ideal for students who wish to gain knowledge in the legal field. As you graduate with your Bachelor of Science in Law, you will take courses that aim to establish a solid academic foundation in the history, context, and application of law.

Expert advice from our faculty, guest speakers, field trips and 120 hours of hands-on internship training will help you prepare for the realities of this fascinating field. Get excellent preparation and support to enter law school through Davenport`s Bachelor of Legal Studies program. The programme examines key legal concepts and focuses on critical thinking, analytical and reasoning skills, and ethics. You will improve your research and writing skills and requirements as an active member of the legal team. You can also choose to apply your studies to apply for graduate degrees or law schools. Das South College Certificate in Paralegal, Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies und Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies, die auf dem Asheville-Campus angeboten werden, werden vom American Bar Association Standing Committee on Paralegals genehmigt (321 N. Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60654-4778, und sind North Carolina Bar Qualified Programs. Absolventen, die das optionale Staatsexamen erfolgreich abgeschlossen haben, können sich als North Carolina Bar Certified Paralegals bewerben (North Carolina State Bar, 208 Fayetteville Street, Raleigh, NC 27601; (919) 828-4620; To earn a Bachelor of Laws degree, a student must earn a total of 120 credits, as follows: Through study abroad programs, internships, and other practical opportunities offered in the classroom, you`ll gain the real-world skills and experience that will help you stand out in your legal applications – and for legal jobs.

Another way to gain experience: Join Davenport Estate Planning Services (DEPS), which offers free estate planning for underserved populations. The program`s emphasis on legal theory, application, and critical thinking allows graduates to perform high-level paralegal assignments, except that paralegals are not allowed to provide legal advice, appear in court, accept cases, or set fees, and the core program provides a solid foundation in the areas of contract law, offences, professional ethics, criminal proceedings and legal research and writing. Students also have the opportunity to focus on specific areas of interest by taking elective courses in litigation, wills, trusts and estates, real estate, family law, criminal law, and international law. BLS LLB stands for Bachelor of Legal Science & Bachelor of Legislative Law (B.L.S., LLB), an integrated five-year study programme in the field of law. The first four semesters, which make up the first two years, include a „pre-law” course. Students who complete this course are eligible for the Bachelor of Laws after successful completion of the third year (6th semester) and after successfully completing five years (10th semester), the LLB degree is awarded. BLS LLB is a five-year study programme that develops an individual career as a lawyer from the first year. Most topics in BLS are similar to those found in a BA course, but the main difference here is that you can learn everything from a legal point of view from the beginning. Again, you will receive two separate BLS and LLB degrees, but it is not recommended to simply complete BLS without completing LLB.