• What education means to you?

Education is  a must for each person to be educated

  • Describe your formal education (from primary school up the  time of this study):
    What do you remember most and why?

I m a graduate of primary school.I cant forget how I started to handle a pencil and dictate the first letters ABC for the first time.As I could not have more than primary school education ,the moments  I had during those five years will never be forgotten.But later ,in time, the school of life thought many good and bad lessons.

  • Describe your informal education (Learning outside the school):
    Have you ever  taken part in any courses? Why?

I spent years abroad as a worker and those years were the most usefull and hard courses of my life.without knowing a language I went abroad and took  the language course ın society.After returning back as social activities.ı had attended to guıtar ,fold dances and hand crafts courses in order to improve myself and be a more social person.

  • How is  your educational level now?
  • Have you any experiences that taught you something important? if yes, what were they?

I m still a graduate of primary school.I could not find the time and chance of completing any more formal education. But ITC courses were the start of my making up my mind to go into society ,I used to hide myself being a shy person but after that I started to come out of my little world thinking that there was a huge world outside and it was waiting for me.

  • Who or which was your  best teacher and why?

It was my first teacher.So lovely and motherly.My first guide to the knowledge.