• What education means to you?

Education is a start to life an escape from ignorance and an uprising to darkness.

  • Describe your formal education (from primary school up the  time of this study):
    What do you remember most and why?

I started my primary school education in the east of country and the life  conditions were too hard to go to school.I cant forget those days and how  I had suffered from harsh climate to go to school.After completing primary and elementary school in  village ,I went to the city center for The Teacher’s Training School. And now I m retired but I am still at courses to catch up with the fast improving technology.

  • Describe your informal education (Learning outside the school):
  • Have you ever  taken part in any courses? Why?

Yes ,I have taken part in many courses,especially while working I joıned ınto In service training courses many times.And after retirement, I have mainly social courses

  • How is  your educational level now?

I have many certificates from different courses .Really I do not need them to use in any time.But I believe that education  process is endless and I should run after as far as I can

  • Have you any experiences that taught you something important? if yes, what were they?

If a smaller chance is given to any human being ,success is still hopefull.And  everyone deserves to be given a chance .Impossibilities must not be a drawback especially for children.

  • Who or which was your best teacher and why?

My primary school teacher was my hero. He was not only a teacher  but also a rea guide for me. He lightened my path. From a small village into a quıte large world of knowledge