I am a curious person. I am always interested in new technologies especially in communication and ICTs. It can help human beings to progress.



Even if I am interested, I had some problems:

At school, during the 50’s, we didn’t have any informatics. The arrival of the ball-point pen was a great progress.

Then, at work, the typewriter arrived in the 70’s but some of my colleagues were already reluctant to use these new technologies. It became more obvious with computers. Today, I frequently ear speeches about previous systems. For instance, in my country, Italy, we had bid issues with retired people. Elderly prefer to interact with human beings rather than machines to withdraw money. Credit cards are still mysterious to them and they are not able to deal with their bank accounts electronically.

First experiences :

My first contact with a computer occurred in the 50’s : there were shelves in several rooms with a lot of small flashlights all connected: it was really surprising.

Then, the « Commodor 64 » was released. It was my first experience with software and program. It had games for my son.

Meantime, first cell phones appeared. They were hudge and very expensive. The first time I used it, I found it amazing to be able to communicate from my car to my office which was 500km far away from me. It was a wonderful experience and I remember it very well. Today, it is still complicated to have contact with my friend (of my age) using a cell phone or emails.

One of the big issues is to have the same informatics level than my friends, family or former colleagues. New technologies can eliminate distances but, most of the time, it is impossible because older people are reluctant to use it. Regarding new generations, there is such a gap between their use of new technologies and mine that it is also impossible to communicate.

Sabino, 15th of April 2013