Paternity fraud and baby traps. These are sex crimes and should be treated like any other sex crime. We strongly recommend that you check your state`s laws before putting them to the test. In practice, your recording must be legal if you intend to use it in court, and penalties for unauthorized surveillance can be severe. While safe drivers and concerned parents often claim that barefoot driving is illegal, it turns out that it`s mostly a safety (and financial) precaution. User u/cucutz sparked a very interesting discussion on r/AskReddit after asking the digital crowd to share their thoughts on perfectly legal things that should become illegal. We`ve rounded up the most interesting ideas to share with you, pandas. Scroll down to read them all, and don`t forget to rate the posts you agree with. Did Redditors miss something you think is cruel and should be banned? Share your opinion in the comments, pandas. Or to do everything online/app-based. There should always be other possibilities, this paralyzes older generations and makes it difficult for them to become independent.

Illegal in Germany (and probably in the EU/Europe, but I can`t say for sure) Absolutely and another reason why men should be responsible for their own birth control. It was illegal, but the advertising of prescription drugs. If it`s in your airspace (i.e. above your property) and you have the gun legally (and use it responsibly), you can probably blow that hassle out of the sky. You probably shouldn`t, even if you would feel really, really good. Businesses that own single-family homesSell my data too. I shouldn`t have to pull out of a company to not sell my data I should register If you want to wear a sieve on your head when you go to the DMV, you just need to show that you do so because of sincere religious beliefs. Several people have tried and succeeded. „Massachusetts made `skirt` photos illegal last year, and in many states the practice is still not criminalized. Texas has defended the right of men to secretly take photos of women`s private areas, even if the photos are for the purpose of sexual gratification. A court ruling in Washington, D.C., ruled the same thing in 2014, as did an Oregon judge this year after a 61-year-old man was caught photographing the skirt of a 13-year-old girl. – Jessica Valenti, Guardian News (November 2015) The law can be tricky.

To make sure you`re on the safe side of all the legal quirks, call a lawyer first. However, card counting is completely legal, as long as you don`t use external tools. In Atlantic City, casinos can`t even kick you out because you`re trying to count, thanks to a New Jersey Supreme Court ruling. If people love God, they should love God. If you hate God or think God doesn`t exist, that`s okay. If you like this disgusting thing, it means that you are a pervert What, just us? Now, what is even more amazing is that many reckless actions seem illegal but are completely exaggerated. We talk about things like. Radar jammers, on the other hand, are illegal in all states because they emit unregulated radio waves. Laser jammers are illegal in 10 states: California, Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, Virginia and Utah. Racism is stupid. What`s the point of hating someone for something they have no control over? Yes, one more thing on this list that I don`t understand what it means. However, if you are willing to jump through these hoops, you can live your paramilitary dreams, provided you can afford the real tank.

Plan for at least a quarter of a million dollars. You see, we`ve probably all been there: you`re starting to get emails from random people cluttering your inbox with paragraphs about weird products, messages you never wanted to receive, and offers you just don`t care about. The fact is, your email may end up on an advertising or PR agency`s list without you even having been in touch with them in the past. This happens much more often when you`re even a semi-public person and your contact information is visible somewhere on a company`s website or social media. Contracts signed by parents on behalf of their child are enforceable even after the child has reached the age of majority. Taylor Swift and Lilly Allen are the great famous examples, but there are many more things happening that don`t become important enough to get media attention. They did not sign the contract. Forcing an adult to live according to the rules of the contract to which he or she has not subscribed should be qualified as a form of slavery. In the United States, for example, it is perfectly legal to send unsolicited commercial email. However, there are some limitations. Meanwhile, anti-spam laws appear to be stricter in the UK, and breaches of the regulations can result in fines of up to £500,000 (around $568,000). It all comes down to the need for stricter data protection and information exchange laws.

It`s like a big invasion of privacy when someone you don`t know starts offering services you don`t need.