Nextdoor would not comment on individual users, but pointed out that the site has rules against profanity, overpublication and personal disputes. General rules and guidelines are probably not the way to go, she says. Rule 16(c) was a proposed rule change at the 1976 Republican National Convention. He has back-and-forth on vaccination rules proposed by lawmakers and is struggling to convince teachers and administrators to reopen schools. Sometimes in traditional medicine a lot of attention has been paid to lucky numbers; A way to prove its effectiveness must be carried out according to certain numerical rules. Some common synonyms for rule are canon, law, ordinance, command, ordinance, and statute. While all of these words mean „a principle that governs the action or procedure,” the rule applies to more limited or specific situations. This tool will help you find adjectives for the things you want to describe. See also and Here are some adjectives for ~term~:.

You can get the definitions of these ~term~ adjectives by clicking on them. You may also like some words related to ~term~ (and you can find more of them here). For he had never pretended to know anything he did not know well; and when Potts said something derogatory about Mac`s learning behind his back (which violated the unwritten rules of the game), we taught him the basic rules of civilization with incredible pain; We teach them how to save their living souls. But Addison wrote according to Boileau`s „classical” rules; And the poet, like the time, was perhaps too artificial to appreciate natural genius. You are not responsible for what you say or do, as long as you do not violate abstract rules of decency or the requirements of natural decency. It is perhaps not inappropriate, gentlemen, to add that no measure of human wisdom is free from sorrow; that the one who claims the privilege of acting at his discretion also submits to the necessity of answering for the consequences of his conduct, and that this failure exposes him at least to the reproach and suspicion from which one whose conduct is governed by established rules may always have the possibility of freeing himself. Will you, who were my voluntary vassal only a few hours ago, now want to detach yourself from my sweet dominion, for the words of an old woman who is no longer my vassal, as if, like her, you do not know now what pleasures I am the source? At first he founded his colony on the mainland, on British territory, but there he was so embarrassed by religious rules that he moved with almost all his followers to Annette, where he is still loved by the natives, to whom he taught righteous living and many precious arts of civilization. On the contrary, he was one of the most capable and strong jurists to sit in the Bundesbank in the second half of the nineteenth century; and Bradley, like Story before him, protested the change in the judiciary to which he belonged of a court that was supposed to establish general rules for all facts essential to a jury to render judgments on the appropriateness of the votes of representative assemblies.

If you get strange results, your query may not be quite in the right format. The search box should be a simple word or phrase such as „tiger” or „blue eyes”. A word search to describe „blue-eyed people” is unlikely to yield results. So, if you`re not getting ideal results, check if your search term „term” doesn`t confuse the engine that way. Sir. Abbott`s plan for teaching a language is initially not to tire students with the dry rules of grammar, but to store their memories with words. The question whether a state of war effectively annuls a treaty of the character of the German-Chinese Treaty of 1898 can be determined according to the recognized rules of international law on the ground that it was a transfer of sovereign rights and constituted an international servitude in favour of Germany in the territory affected by it. These are the most important rules of evidence, but they have many applications. The only card writing we know that Lamb did outside of this essay is the elementary rules of whist, which he laid out for Mrs.

Badams quite late in life as a sort of introduction to reading Admiral Burney`s treatise. The great key to the correct application of all syntactic rules is meaning; And just as any composition that does not faithfully reflect the meaning of the author is imperfect, so any solution of a word or phrase is necessarily false in which this meaning is not carefully noted and literally preserved. In the jurisprudence, which reluctantly allows any new addition and has a thousand champions in turn, ready to stand up to defend their formulas and technical rules, the victory was brilliant and decisive. In these lectures, I was not so much concerned with giving specific rules for practice, but rather with establishing the general principles of spiritual science that allow the student to establish rules for himself. For many years, no special law was issued or any specific rules were established for the treatment of pilgrims, until the episcopal see passed into the jurisdiction of Stratford, which was established in the 15th century Edward III. The principal spoke briefly about her ideals for her, explaining the few rigid rules of the school and asking everyone to be tactful and patient during the first week, when the rough edges of the new schedules would reasonably relax. At first glance, it may seem hopeless to try to answer such a question, but if we stick to a certain principle, we will find that it opens up and moves us forward and shows us things that we would not have been able to see otherwise. By adopting these essential rules and adding a healthy dose of rudeness, you will soon reach the top of your profession and in due course, you will receive a testimony from an admiring and grateful audience. Below is a list of descriptive words for another word.

You can sort descriptive words by uniqueness or frequency using the button above. Sorry if there are any unusual suggestions! The algorithm isn`t perfect, but it does a very good job for most common names. Here is the list of words that can be used to describe another word: The idea for the Describe Words engine was born when I built the engine for Related Words (it`s like a thesaurus, but gives you a much broader set of related words and not just synonyms). Playing with word vectors and conceptnet`s „HasProperty” API, I had a bit of fun getting the adjectives that commonly describe a word. Eventually, I realized there was a much better way to do it: analyze the books! Abraham could renounce the idolatry that surrounded him when he was called by a supernatural voice; Paul was able to abandon the self-righteousness that prevailed in Jewish schools and synagogues when he was blindly beaten by the hand of God; Luther could break with monastic rules and papal denunciation if the Bible taught the true reason for justification, but Savonarola could not. Not being visible and for this purpose respecting the simple basic rules of static, good construction, harmonious color and refusing to sacrifice any solid advantage to show it, these are our safest rules at the moment. He is responsible for the State Librarian, who acts according to the prescribed rules. Hopefully it`s more than just new and some people will find it useful for their writing and brainstorming, but one nice little thing to try is to compare two similar but significantly different names – for example, gender is interesting: „woman” vs. „man” and „boy” vs. „girl.” On a first quick analysis, it seems that fiction writers are at least 4 times more likely to describe women (as opposed to men) using beauty-related terms (in terms of weight, characteristics, and overall attractiveness). In fact, „beautiful” is perhaps the most widely used adjective for women in all of world literature, which is quite consistent with the general one-dimensional representation of women in many other forms of media.

If anyone wants to do more research, let me know and I can give you a lot more data (for example, there are about 25000 different entries for „woman” – too many to show here). For this period, no exact dietary rules can be determined, as this must be adapted to the respective constitution in any case. I had known him little, and at first I was uncomfortable with his independence from grammatical rules; but soon I began to appreciate Mrs. Crowder`s speech when she addressed her husband, much more than the remarks she made to me, the latter always being formulated in the most correct English. During the rainy months, mosquitoes, it seems, are still anything but unusual; And the latest hygiene rules emphasize the importance of catching them systematically. The words regulation and rule are synonymous, but differ in nuance. In particular, regulation implies the requirement by the authority to control an organization or system. This is what made Voltaire talk about „Hamlet” as the chatter of a drunken savage, because he could not be stuffed into the artificial rules of French tragedy. And he applied to House of Commons managers and counsel for the accused the strong rules of procedure established for the detection of crimes and the protection of innocence. And now it seems desirable to establish some short rules that can apply to both together.