GEM Atelier Stantlife – My memories of the remarkable events from the past decades


–          First step on the moon

I was in San Francisco and Marin County with Froggy and Bernard, 2 French friends, at Ginny’s place. We tended to believe what was broadcast.


–          Inauguration of the National Library (Bibliothèque François Mitterand)

4 open-book towers with books above and researchers below in the basement. The wind is often strong enough to blow out your umbrella. There have been leaks and maintenance challenges including flooding (hope the Seine river never rises too much) damaging thousands of books that had to be dried out. There are many old manuscript treasures and an intricate system of moving books from in the basement to loftier levels. You need a special card to do research and reserve a seat but can request publications to consult. The 13e arrondissement has continued to transform from a residential/university quartier to a more lively commercial and cultural center no doubt due in part to the BN Francois Mitterand. The Josephine Baker floating swimming pool sank soon after it opened but the Simone de Beauvoir bridge is still standing! As my apartment is up the hill by the Olympiades (driverless Line 14) and my job near the Quai, I often rode my bike or walked by the construction zone. I have attended an independent film festival and many screening or exhibits there and I am a regularly going to movies at the MK2.