Ahmet Turkey

  • What education means to you?

It means ;love ,respect and  a way of mutual sharing  in community life.It means to be modest.It means to be useful for your family,friends,envirement,country and the universe.

  • Describe your formal education (from primary school up the  time of this study):
    What do you remember most and why?

I graduated from ;primary school in 1960,elementary;1963, teacher’s training school in 1966,Tranining İnstitution in 1988 and after retirement in 2002 Faculty of Public Administration .

In 2001 my son had to take the unıversıty entrance exam but he was not much keen on studyıng He used to complain how hard ıt was. So I claimed that it was not too hard as he thought and even claimed that at that age I could also be succesfull at the exam.We both studied and I motiviated him to study more .He felt that it would be too shame of him if his father might be succesfull ant not him.We both managed .

  • Describe your informal education (Learning outside the school):
    Have you ever  taken part in any courses? Why?

I took part in Hem courses;folk dances,ITC courses, Circassian language and training,Traffic training courses, and administration of unıons.I love being  active and  everything different gives me another pleasure and taste.And I believe that I do not keep active I will lose all my fun and energy .Meeting new people and dealing with different activities keep me alive.

  • How is  your educational level now?
  • Have you any experiences that taught you something important? if yes, what were they?

At the moment I am a retired teacher but I stıll go on working at a driving school as an adviser.

  • Who or which was your best teacher and why?

All my teachers were quıte helpful and caring for me. Especially the teachers that we had when we were at boarding school were quite different and ıt is impossible to forget them.They  were always like fathers or mothers for us.When we felt alone,scared,penniless,hopeless,they were always somewhere there to hug us.