1.- ¿Qué significa educación para ti?


The way in which a person is treated and formed, for the good use of conscience and ways of handle it in a social setting.


2.- Describe tu educación formal (desde la primaria hasta el momento del estudio) ¿qué recuerdas más y por qué?


I think that everyone or, at least, most people remember from school are colleagues, friends, and why not, to those that were neither good nor bad. But of course, beyond that, I am also very happy to remember the “disasters” we made together, the chicks or guys and our adventures. Personally, I remember my best times with songs that were fashionable at the time or just while they were doing something sounded. The best thing is to remember. There is not yet a machine that allows us to go back and live it again, so let’s concerns then and regardless of the stage of life where you are, I enjoy it each time.


3.- Describe tu educación no formal. (aprender fuera de la escuela)


¿Has hecho cursos fuera del colegio alguna vez? ¿por qué?


Well, I need my driver licence so yes, I have. I wanted to drive !


¿Cómo es tu nivel educativo ahora?


As an engineer I consider myself to have a good level of education. But everyone gets into social media and internet, even my grandson who is six. So here I am.


¿Has tenido alguna experiencia que te haya enseñado algo importante? En caso afirmativo, cuáles.


Getting married has been a good teacher. And having my four kids. Three boys and a beautiful girl. You realize there is no much engineering in those situations.


¿Qué o quién fue tu mejor profesor/a y por qué?



My best teacher at the University was the one who really cared for me to pass the exams. Not many were interested in helping the students. The curious thing is that I can hardly remember his name.