Nowadays I’m learning but not too much. I  have already  used my knowledge which I gained in my life. The Radio Maria teaches  me a lot. Many wise professors talk there about what’s important. Everyone should listen to this station because  you can learn a lot from them.

Formal education:

I have not had much experience with schools and education. I remember that when I was in a primary school I didn’t want to spend much time there. At the age of 12 I wanted to give up school. So, I did three classes before the war, and then I did one class in gymnasium. One time when I didn’t go to school my teacher came to my house and told my parents that education is important.

Non-formal education

I went to a craft center. There was a tailor who taught me many important things.  I used to go  with him to Vilnius to buy the materials. This I remember very well. He taught me how identify material by touching it. You touch it and you know straightaway whether   it is good or not.

Informal education

I remember the  II War- during this time I learned how work with people. When I was in Russia,  Russians wanted me sewed suits for them. I wanted to go back to  Poland. I ran away from there. They wanted to pay me to work there, but I didn’t  want it.



Zobacz biografię Franciszka/ biography of Franciszek


Teraz też się uczę ale mniej. Już korzystam z tego czego się za młodu nauczyłem. Radio Maryja mi pokazuje wiele. Wielu mądrych profesorów mówi o tym co ważne. Każdy powinien tego słuchać bo się dużo możesz nauczyć od nich.