• What education means to you?

It is a matter of fact that shapes the way of life and future of a person from birth to death.

  • Describe your formal education (from primary school up the  time of this study):
    What do you remember most and why?

I remember the time that ı had to leave the high school and attend to the military school.If ı had not started to the military school  all my life might have been destroyed as the oppurtunities of my family might not have supported me that time enough to have a good education.It was a turning point in my life that I will never forget.

  • Describe your informal education (Learning outside the school):
    Have you ever  taken part in any courses? Why?

I have taken part in many courses related to my profession,mostly military courses .But after I got retired I have taken part in folk dance and ıtc courses mostly as social activities.I don’t like spending time in cafes and wasting just playing cards or chatting.

  • How is  your educational level now?

Have you any experiences that taught you something important? if yes, what were they?

I have only completed military education .

  • Who or which was your  best teacher and why?

I the most admired my maths teacher when I was at school.It was the hardest subject but his attitude towards me and the way he explained the subjects really affected me.After a while ,I noticed that I had started to be more successful at maths .It was the result of love and a real interest from heart.