1.      What education means to you?
It is THE essential mean to prepare your future and the one of the others.

2.      Describe your formal education (from primary school up the  time of this study):
What do you remember most and why?
To learn how to write (during our time, i twas usually grand mothers who taught their great children how to read), to count, to think, to behave, to socialize, to work or to enjoy ourself with other people, to respect our teachers.
3.      Describe your informal education (Learning outside the school):
Have you ever  taken part in any courses? Why?
How is  your educational level now?
Have you any experiences that taught you something important? if yes, what were they?
Yes, I have taken some courses out of the high school because my language teachers were really really bad! And friendships created at school allow us to access to different codes than the one from our family.

4.      Who or which was your the best teacher and why?
I had two favourite teachers : one teacher of literature, who I liked because I loved was he was teaching, and a teacher of physics and chemistry who happened to be a woman which was really unusual at this time. She was a great pedagogue, giving us the taste of learning, of researching and of being curious.